At Blueprint Manufacturing Systems Limited (BMS) we take the great design ideas you have and bring them to life. Whether you are a large corporation seeking out production machines or a creative seeking to enhance a brand, BMS can provide solutions to you as the first 3D Printing HUB in Trinidad and Tobago. Blueprint Manufacturing Systems Limited is leading the industry with the first continuous-tone, full-colour plastic 3D printer in the Caribbean. 3D printing has changed the way many companies now do product design, product development and manufacturing. Our pioneering 3D printer offers the latest and most sophisticated technology in 3D printing. Our industry-leading, state-of-the-art 3D printer prints fast and delivers ready-to-use, full-color, strong, functional and durable plastic parts and models with superior surface quality. The full-color plastic items are colored pixel by pixel, right out of the printer and do not require any additional processing or painting.

Our 3D printing solutions apply to a wide range of industries and are ideal for companies engaged in architectural scale modeling, medical and dental models, toys and other consumer products, trophies and collectibles, branded and promotional items, fashion design, carnival, arts and sculptures, weddings, events and office/home furnishings. The high efficiency, high-resolution and fast print speeds of our 3D printers will quickly create true-to-life prototypes of your product that are ready to use, and which look and perform exactly as it should. Full-coloured, finished pieces in brilliant detail, with every curve, every shape and every detail perfectly displayed. The high productivity and low operating costs of our advanced printing technology means you can experience 3D printing at its best and at an affordable cost.

We have the design-to-manufacturing solutions you have been looking for. Contact us today and let us bring your ideas to life.

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